Why I Consider my Kitchen My Workstation

As a person who likes writing down things, I find it rather amusing that I get excited on working on some of the weirdest places. One time, I found myself working under the stairs. It wasn’t anything Harry Potter-ish but there are times when inspiration catches me at the weirdest places.

But if anything, my kitchen is my real workstation.

Before you go shouting, “BUT THE KITCHEN IS FOR COOKING”

Yes. I still cook in my kitchen and I cook damn well in it.

Some of you out there are laughing with the “well, yeah of course. Women belong in the kitchen” jokes but I’d take that with stride. I really do feel like I belong in the kitchen. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was recently renovated and it had one of those modern kitchen designs Perth that I rave about.

I am not exactly sure when it started or how it came to be. I guess it all began when I would often start writing down stuff in between cooking/cleaning the kitchen. For reasons I do not know then, I felt like working in the kitchen was a whole lot easier than going to the study. Oh and yes, I do have a study and I share it with my husband.

So what makes the kitchen an exciting place to work on? Well, let’s try to see if I’ve listed them all down.

  1. The smell – Oh, have you ever been to a real kitchen? The smell is heavenly. Imagine the air full of the fragrances of the food you cooked earlier. Or maybe the smell of a number of spices you have on your kitchen counter. I am a foodie and smell really powers me on.
  2. The sights – A good kitchen is full of different colors. Personally, this makes my eyes and mind relax a bit in the sense that I see a variety of colors anytime I want to. It also opens up my mind to various ideas.
  3. The food – Oh let’s admit it. The best part about making your kitchen a workstation is the fact that you have your food right there, isn’t it? But always remember to eat healthy and don’t kill yourself by eating too much.