Personalizing Your Journal

If you keep a journal, chances are it is very personal. It contains off-the-cuff ideas or private thoughts, things that you don’t want other people reading. At the same time, it is a reflection of who you are when you shed the mask and chains that society and culture place upon you.


It is where “You” are at your most “you.” Which is why it can seem jarring to some that it looks so very impersonal when you look at the exterior.


Now, admittedly, this is not universal. Some folks like their journals to be nondescript and easy to overlook, because it’s the contents that matter, not the packaging. However, some prefer to extend that touch of the personal to the cover of the book.


Well, here are some ideas for how to personalise the journal.


One way is to use stickers.


Whether you print them out yourself or buy sets, stickers can help show off your tastes and preferences. I know people who cover their journals in travel stickers, creating a visual reference to places they’ve been and written about, for example.


A more intensive DIY project is to add a “custom label” to the cover.


You need a steady hand, but you can use a variety of tools and materials to stick a label on the front. Some like to use designs and patterns, showing off their creativity. Others like to show off their wit by using phrases like “Plan for World Domination.”


 Some folks like to customise the interior, the writing space itself.


If you’re willing to break the spine, you can decide to change the paper you write on. V-stripe, plain coloured, and other options are available. I know someone who replaced every page in the journal with something that had a vague lavender scent. She said it relaxed her.


Or you could go with a simple, distinctive monogram.