Should You Add Gold To Your IRA?

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Over a decade ago Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act allowing all annuitants if they wished, to include precious metals in their IRA’s. If you like to invest for the long-haul and looking to eventually have your own “elephant” in the room, precious metals could be your answer. For those who may have missed the memo, the big 4 precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Precious metals have a long history of excellent performance in terms of an investment, especially in turbulent times of inflation and questionable economic ups and downs.

Not much in life is guaranteed, but you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you have tucked away in your IRA account some of these precious metal beauties:
** Gold American Buffalo or Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, both 99.99 percent pure

** Silver American Eagle or Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, both 99.99 percent pure

** Platinum and Palladium coins both 99.95 percent pure

If you currently don’t have an IRA account, opening a new precious metals IRA account is easy enough. Adding precious metals will expand your horizons, diversify your retirement plans and holdings, and give you the security in knowing you’ve enjoyed some tax advantages and probably made the wisest investment of all time. At least your family will think so. So what’s it going to be, folks? Ten or fifteen minutes of your time to fill out and complete an IRA application, get approval in less than three business days, or more sleepless nights wishing and hoping?


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International Business

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Gone are the days of business on a face to face level. The economy and markets are ever increasing in their connectivity and their reliance on one another. From stock markets to economic ebbs and flows, what happens in one country can directly impact another. Be it a positive or a negative, this interconnectedness is taking shape more and more, especially in larger corporations and companies. For that reason, international business is an important element of any corporate business plan and experts should be on hand to foster the relationships between interrelated companies.

One way to foster international business is through customs. Customs and cultures can make or break an international business deal if one side does not understand the other. For instance, what is considered a non-issue in the United States may be deeply offensive in China and vice versa. It is important that those participating in international business know and understand the individuals and the culture within which they will be dealing. Another way to ensure that international business is fostered is through travel. There is no substitute for meeting face to face with another company executive and in so doing becoming part of the greater solution to the business relationship.

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